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Ceramic Ball Manufacturer from India
Ceramic Ball

Ceramic Ball are made from inorganic, nonmetallic compounds that include oxides, or nitrides and are processed or used at high temperatures,ceramics started to become widely used for the filtration of drinkingwater in the 19th century. a ceramic has a small and complex porestructure making it an ideal filter medium. now more and more organizations are using Ceramic ball in water filtration and purification media. it is a waterpurification systems. the ceramic ball is used inbothcommercial and household application .For example, 1 & 2 ceramic Ball placed in a 300 ml water bottle can purify the water in 8 hours, and can be used continuously, with no need for replacement

Why Use Ceramic Ball for Water Treatment ?

The reason that ceramics are now being used in addition to chemicals to treat water is that the muncipal water contains many naturally occurring substances, a multitude of micro- organisms, and a host of other pollutantsthat are washed into the water supply from the surrounding land.secondly, many of the naturally occurring minerals in water can benefical to health but some of the other substances can be beneficial to health but someof the other substances can be extremely harmful, especially if imbibed over a long period.also, privat water supplies taken from well, streams,rainwater collection thanks, and other sources do not have the benefit of any treatment by water companies.as a result, they tend to be unchlorinated, which often leads to bacteriologi calcontamination, and full of unwanted particles. These can by anything from mud and silt, to rust from old pipe-work. contamination from animal faeces is also possible, which leach into water supplies from the surrounding land.

The best way to maintain the benefical minerals while removing the harmful pollutants is to use bio-ceramic water filters. In general, the smaller the pore size of filter and the more complicated the path the watertakes through the filter medium, the more effective it is at removing particles from water. In addition to being used for water purifier and mineral water, ceramic Ball are also being used in/as softender, laundry (washing), humidifier , aquariums, fish farms, cooling tower etc. types of ceramic Ball many companies are offering a series of high-tech environmental protection, health care and energy-saving products for water and air purifying, activating and mineralizing treatment. the following are the types of ceramic Ball widely used in this industry.

Tourmaline Ceramic Ball

Tourmaline ceramic ball is mainly made of the natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, by nanometer technology, special formula and agglomeration techniques and used with the ceramic ball for activating, purifying and mineralizing water. tourmaline ceramic Ball can remove the chlorine of the running water, thus change the acidity of water.

Mineral Ceramic Ball

Mineral Ceramic Ball are applied to a series of combination of inorganic materials. These ball are nontoxic, and are produced through superfine cracking and calcinations in high temperatures. it can boost activation, mineralization and activity of water which has several fuctions of health care and bacteria resistance.

Alkaline Reducing ceramic Ball

Due to different factors such as environmental pollution and instant food, today's generation suffers from high acidity levels in their bodies. The essential minerals included in the water due to these ceramics chang the acidity of one's body into weak alkaline. However the most important health benefit is the increase in hydroqen ions, which result in water with antioxidant benefits. Other feature include high capacity of calcium (Enhance the bone regeneration), and other minerals to help the balance water with enriched minerals tastes great .

Negative lon ceramic Ball

It is made by melting in different layers and at grades high temperature by adopting plasma technology to amalgamate sufficiently. these types of ceramic Ball are widely used for cartridges, filters, tank ,water purif purification, industry, household, vegetable & plants, animal, farm and poultry etc As a health care ball it is mainly made of the natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, kaolin and high-grade clay by nanometer comminution technology, special formula and agglomeration techniques, and used with the ceramic ball for water purifiers, textile and used with the ceramic ball for water purifiers, textile and health care products. it is also known to cure gout affection, enhance metabolism, accelerate cell regeneration, absorb disease outcome and have antipyrotic function. Also, these types of ceramics can dissolve fat and has function of boosting diuresis.

Far Infrared Rays Ceramic Ball

In addition to acting as an anti-ageing agent ,it strengthens the body's resistance to infectious diseases, increasing the oxygen capacity of the blood, and improving stress tolerance.Also, It improves the balance of blood pressure, blood sugar, and increase in oxygen and nutrients in your cell resulting in increased muscle strength, vitality and mental stability. natural wavelengths of far infrared light for example, are essential for bone growth as well as preventing osteoporosis, regulating hormonal function and boosting your immune system.

Ceramic Ball usage -

Made from inorganic nonmetallic comfounds of natural mineral stones-considering the each ceramic ball of effect, produced by the most idealblending, molding and firing a various of biocera ceramic powders made with natural stones. Biocera Ceramic Ball have a dense porous structure and act on the water when the normal water like a city water pass through them. At the result of the that, biocera ceramic Ball change the normal water into the special waterto have the functions-antibacteral, antioxidant alkaline, pi energy water, mineral water, hexagonal water, ion water and etc. Therefore, they are to being used for water purifier and mineral wate as well as being used in/as softener, laundry (washing), humidifier, Aquariums, fish farms, cooling towers etc, according to the each purpose of use.Summary of Ceramic Ball Ceramic BallBiocera Ceramic Ball Manufactured from a variety of functional ceramic materials which has a special formation with abundant inorganic minerals, and being wisely used filter of various kind of Water purifier. It also function harmful heavy metal and large quantity elution of mineral ingredient, antibacterial action, antioxidant and lowering ORP, making Alkaline water, help human metabolism and natural healing ability.

APPLICABLE USAGE-Water Purifier, Water Softener, water tank, fish Pond and etc.

1) Super Ceramic Ball (Far infrared taste Ball) - contain above 10 kinds of Minerals - Emits os Far infrared Ravs - Activation of Animal & plant Metabolism - Diminution of Heavy Metal

2) Antibacterail Ceramic Ball - Antibacterail & Disinfection - Prevents Microbe's Propagation - Predominant Safety to Human Body,

3) Remove Chlorine Ceramic Bal for water softer - Diminution of Bad Smell (organic matter, chlorine - Impurities) - Remove Residual Chlorine Perfectly

4) Calcium - Alkali Ceramic Ball- Makes Akaaline Water (increase pH for good Health)- Emits High Capacity of Calcium (Enhance The Bone Regeneration) - Elute of Inorganic Minerals

5) Energy TT-Water Ceramic Ball- increase the oxidation-reduction water molecule- cuts Bonds between the molecules to have the- propety of Unlonic Water- activation of of water molecule- Help Human Metabolism- Natural Healing Ability & Increase Immunity

6) Tourmaline Ceramic Ball - Make good energy water by compounding Fir and Negative ion - Natural healing Ability & Increase Immunity

7) Negative Ion Ceramic Ball- Discharge High Capacity of Negative Ion (above 800/cc)- Natural Healing Ability & Increase Immunity- Emits of High Far Radiations

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